Jet Lag from Driving?

Posted April 28, 2009 by Debralee
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Whew…what a whirl-wind four days we had. Yesterday was recoup day from the trip to Southern California. Driving down Thursday, party Friday night, Wedding Saturday afternoon (with a quick trip to Sunset Beach in the morning) and the drive back home Sunday. Ugh…I can still feel the jet lag, if that is possible.

Yes, our dear cousin Chandler and his gorgeous bride Anna were married on Saturday in a beautiful church ceremony. The reception was fabulous – great food, company, drinks, and of course, lots of dancing. The kids had plenty of fun! Great Party!!

Now its time to dig in and get some serious work done on the Twolia site. I have a number of books to read by by Malcomb Gladwell. The first is The Tipping Point and the second is Blink.The Tipping Point

So I guess you know what I will be doing at night. I am also finishing up the last book of the Twilight series. Soooo good.


Lost but Not Found…

Posted April 21, 2009 by Debralee
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How is it that I can loose earrings so easily. My favs are all now loners…I do NOT have pairs and must come up with a useful way to wear them. I have plenty of piercings on my ears, so maybe the eclectic look??? It just pisses me off to spend the money and then loose them.

Went to a concert at the local Center for the Arts in my home town and listened to newcomer Brie Anne Michelle. I must say I was impressed with her vocals and song writing abilities. I even bought a CD last weekend while being pampered at a local Spa (owned by her mama). I love it when you see young talent, on the brink of discovery, display an energy so effortlessly. Kudos to you Catherine for raising such a beauty. Kudos to you Bria Anne for following your heart!

We are leaving in a few days for Southern California for a  wedding and we are no where near ready for the big day. Anna & Chandler (lucky bride-to-be and groom) must be going crazy right about now with last minute preps….UGH….glad its not me!!!

Remember, if any of you are interested in selling YOUR music on the Music site or handcrafted items on the Twolia Store, we are up and RUNNING… Check out my other blog, Twolia News while you’re there too! Go here to see the recent promo on YouTube!

Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

Posted April 13, 2009 by Debralee
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What a glorious day it turned out to be today…blue sky, beautiful flowers blooming, it actually feels like Spring today. I am grateful…we were able to have our Easter Egg Hunt outside. The kids whipped through the egg hunt and it was over before we knew it. Not like when they were we lil toddlers with that awe and wonder look as they watched for Easter Bunny tracks. My baby is growing up…boo whoo.

One more day of Spring break left and then back to school she goes. Yeah!!! It’s takes much more concentration to stay focused when K is home and I end up exhausted by the end of the day. I am back to Twolia bloggers, The Catherinette Chronicles & I’m Not Kidding ‘s, Operation Muffin Top(ple) challenge now that I have added a few extra pounds today (thanks to all the candy, etc. I scarfed).

peeptini1UGH..I even ate a peep, how low can you go…I guess pretty low. Peeps and Corona Light…yum-O. Athough, the Peeptini Catherinette spoke about sounded better. Maybe next year.

Rain, Rain Go Away…Come back after Easter

Posted April 9, 2009 by Debralee
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OK…with all the work I did this last weekend to get the yard ready for an Easter Egg hunt…it BETTER NOT rain on Sunday. I must say, I feel soooo much better with my house cleaned up for SPRING (inside & out). Every room has now been reorganized and revamped so Caitlin….you better keep it picked up!!! You know my daughter is really a lovely little slob. Typical teenager’s room, but now with the new blue paint job, I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that IT WILL make a difference to her. Of course, the blessing here with the rain is…I don’t have to water for a while longer now.

I realized this last week too, that my daughter AND my dog have a busier social calendar than I do these days. I seem to have slipped into a work only mode again, with an occasional lunch out with the girls from dance…but that is it! Boring.

This is what I am looking at to brighten up my day though. One of the bloggers over at Twolia,  posted about a lovely suede tote…and I WANT IT. I won’t get it, but I do WANT IT. Check it out….Adorned has got it going on with this one….

Posted by Twolia's Adorned

Posted by Twolia's Adorned

Spring Cleaning for Mr. Easter Bunny

Posted April 6, 2009 by Debralee
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Wow…what a busy weekend we had. We painted K’s room and it looks awesome. I actually gave her MY quilt set and it is beautiful against the blue walls. So, I now have hers in my room and it really looks good too. I cleaned windows, screens, washed all the window coverings, mowed lawns, removed the front screen door (needs rescreening) and ended the weekend with a nice BBQ steak dinner with friends. Whew…I am glad it’s Monday so I can rest. JK…Reason for all the work? We are having Easter Sunday at my house and I want it to look nice for company…easter-bunny The EB too! Much to do this week at work, OMT is in full swing on the Twolia blogs and I feel I am doing good so far on loosing the muffin around my waist. Of course, a another huge feast is planned for this weekend UGH…

Friendly Competition at Twolia

Posted April 1, 2009 by Debralee
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A couple of my fellow bloggers over at Twolia, have come up with a contest OMT (Operation Muffin Top). Catherinette from The Catherinette Chronicles & KiKi from I’m Not Kidding and their followers are challenging each other to ready themselves for bikini season. You know…loosing the back fat, muffin top, etc. that plagues many of us (like moi). Caitlin even has a name for the unattractive stuff that pops out the top of your TOO small bra…aka Muffin Boob. Of course we are all striving for this type of bod, but  the question is…….CAN WE DO IT!!!bikini_contestants

I do believe these women are SERIOUS and will kick some butt along with some pounds and inches! If you wish to join…go to either Catherinette’s or KiKi’s blog for contest rules and info! Good luck!

Who Doesn’t Love an Orange…

Posted March 29, 2009 by Debralee
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Painting…who likes to paint? Well, I don’t mind really, but I was sporting bright orange hair in places for a few hours yesterday. Yep….painting the inside of a teeny, tiny closet isn’t really all that fun. It does look good now, but as I scraped the very last drop of paint I could from the can, I wondered if I was going to make it. Let me tell you…a quart of paint WILL cover the inside of a closet, barely.

PBTEEN Pink Room

PBTEEN Pink Room

Obviously, my daughter shares my love of ORANGE. I once painted my entire bedroom in semi-gloss orange. Yes I Did! At least she is only doing the closet, the rest will be a nice shade of light blue...imagine this…with blue walls & the orange closet (no door). I actually really like it. Early B-D present. Maybe incentive to keep it clean??????? I can only hope!

P.S. on book three of the Twilight series….